Dispensing System For Hydrated Lime
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The new dispensing system for hydrated lime, by Teldust A/S, has been developed in order to improve the separation capacity of the filters. It finds its particular use in cases where the unfiltered air contains substances that are difficult to handle (e.g., oil and greasy/non-binding dust particles).

The system can also improve the efficiency of the filters, if the unfiltered air containing extremely fine particles with hydrated lime ensures an improved separation of the filter medium surface.

The Pulse 100 model is suitable for handling pre-coating, pure hydrated lime, and mixtures of hydrated lime. Generally, hydrated is difficult to dose, but we have done extensive testing, and subsequent adjustments has resulted in a highly efficient dispensing system.



Operating principle

The dispensing system consists of a container for lime with a fitted hose, connecting the container with a dispensing nozzle. This nozzle is mounted onto the inlet of the filter unit and is also supplied with compressed air. A timer on the delivery nozzle ensures that it opens for the pressurized air, whereby the hydrated lime is then fed to the inlet as a microscopic-fine spray. The existing air flows into the filter unit, bringing the hydrated lime further into the filter unit.

The adjustable timer, and the fact that the amount of the added hydrated lime can be adjusted, means that the system provides unique opportunities to adjust the dosage for a variety of applications. The amount of added hydrated lime can be varied from a few grams to several kilograms per hour.

The delivery nozzle moves without any mechanical parts. This prevents mechanical wear and tear, ensuring high operational reliability and a long service life.

It is important that the correct type or mixture of hydrated lime or pre-coating is selected for the specific task of the filter. Only in this way can the optimal effect of the dose be achieved. Please contact Teldust for more information.

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