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At Teldust A/S, we are proud to be able to offer our customers an extensive and varied standard programme, matching almost any filtering task.

Our standard programme is developed through our 30 years of experience and comprehensive know-how. We at Teldust are not only your supplier of a filtration unit for your plant, but also your sparring partner, with comprehensive, expert knowledge to help you choose the right solution.

At Teldust A/S, we want to concentrate on the issues that we specialize in: the development, construction, and production of filters. Our principal duty is to constantly develop better and more economic solutions as well as to advise and guide you to offer valid, workable, and economic solutions for your customers.

We work with you during the entire process and also after the project is delivered and completed. Whether your customer is environmentally conscious or is required to comply with certain laws, we at Teldust find it important to emphasize that you should not only consider the initial cost of a dust collector, but also the costs for its construction, operating, and maintenance.

First of all, we have to find the correct rating. An incorrect rating might cause the frequent changing of dust collector units, bad or no cleaning at all, or even the reconstruction of the dust collector—issues that will cost you eventually. A low initial cost can be easily offset by increases in costs for slow and difficult erection of the dust collector. Consequently, we at Teldust A/S supply the dust collector as assembled as possible, easy to erect in a fairly short time, with our own fitters, if required.

On the following pages, we are pleased to introduce you to our standard dust collector program, spare part supply, and many other in-stock accessories. Teldust A/S also offers other special solutions, if needed.



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